– Sonic Guest Survey – Free Drink and Ice Cream –  Sonic Drive-In Guest Satisfaction Survey is a platform on which customers can share their experiences, problems, and concerns with Sonic Drive-In.

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The purpose of this survey was to know about feelings, whether the customers are disappointed or happy after visiting Sonic Drive-In. - Official Talk to Sonic Survey USA - free drink – Sonic Guest Survey – Free Drink and Ice Cream

How to Engage in the Sonic Drive-in Guest Satisfaction Survey?

  • On the survey’s official website, you can access the survey. The customer needs to visit
  • He/she must have a purchase receipt in handy while performing the survey. It is important.
  • He/she has to select his/her comfortable language. English and Spanish are the two languages that the survey is offered in. The buyer must select “next.”
  • He/she has to enter the invitation code. It will be available on the purchase receipt.
  • He/she has to click on ” start”.
  • He/she has to answer some questions. He/she should answer the question according to the service provided to him/her during the last visit.
  • The information entered must be true.
  • The customer has to enter his/her contact details. At the end, of the survey, the customer will receive a code. He/she should copy it down and present it during his/her next visit. The customer should redeem the code within 60 days. Otherwise, it will get canceled.

Why Sonic Drive-in Started This Survey?

For any restaurant, to become successful, it is customers that play a vital role. Because if they love the products and services, then they will recommend them to their family and friends. This survey set out to increase customer satisfaction among those who were already happy and to attempt to make things better for those who weren’t. Survey - Join & Win Free Route 44 Drink

To keep track of which restaurant is performing well and which is not. It can be challenging to notice these things at times. This survey will become a link between Sonic Drive-In and its customers. A healthy relationship should be built because of this survey.

Rules –

  • The survey is available in two languages only:- English and Spanish. The person must be able to understand one of these two languages.
  • The customer should have a fresh purchase receipt from Sonic’s restaurant.
  • He/she should not be smaller than 18 years to engage in this survey.
  • He/she should have a PC or phone to take part in this survey.
  • He/she should be a lawful civilian of the U.S.
  • The staff members and their family members are not allowed to engage in this survey.
  • Prize- transfer is not permitted.
  • With a single receipt, the customer can perform the survey once.
  • He/she must have a valid email address.
  • As a reward, the customer can win the Free Sonic Route 44 Drink options, which includes
    Refreshing soft drinks, Ice Tea, Slushes, Limeades, and other requirements.
  • At the end, of the survey, the customer will receive a code. He/she should copy it down and present it during his/her next visit. The customer should redeem the code within 60 days. Otherwise, it will get canceled.

Benefits –

  • It is an economical way to understand feedback from the customer.
  • It is time-saving.
  • It is money-saving.
  • The customers feel unconcerned when it comes to filling out a written questionnaire.
  • The customers find this method impressive and easy to do also.
  • Sonic Drive-In can get error-free and reliable results from this survey.
  • The information collected from this survey is convertible.
  • The customer feels good when their viewpoint matters a lot to the restaurant.

Which Questions Will Be There in the Sonic Drive-in Guest Satisfaction Survey?

  1. How was the overall experience of the customer with Sonic Drive-In?
  2. Where did the customer order?
  3. What was the time of the customer’s order?
  4. What did he/she order?
  5. Was the restaurant well maintained and clean?
  6. How was the accuracy of the order?
  7. How was the speed of service?
  8. What was the temperature of food and beverages?
  9. How was the taste of the customer’s food and beverages?
  10. Did the customer notice variety in the menu?
  11. Was the staff friendly and helpful?
  12. Was the customer satisfied with the overall money he/she paid?
  13. Did the customer experience any problems during his/her visit?
  14. How likely will he/she recommend Sonic Drive-In to his/her friends and relatives in the next month?
  15. Did an employee bring this survey to his/her attention during the visit?
  16. How likely will he/she return to Sonic Drive-In in the next month?
  17. Did an associate suggest a menu item? Survey GUIDE To Get A Free

  1. How many cars were in front of him/her before visiting the menu board?
  2. What was the customer’s main reason to visit Sonic Drive-In?
  3. How many times did the customer visit any Sonic Drive-In in the past month? ( Including this visit)
  4. How is this his/her first visit to Sonic Drive-In?
  5. How many times did the customer visit any fast food restaurant in the past month? ( Including Sonic Drive-In visits)
  6. How many people were with him/her during the visit? ( Including him/her)
  7. What is the customer’s age?
  8. What is the customer’s gender?
  9. What size of the vehicle was the customer in during the visit?
  10. Would the customer like to provide his/her contact number and email address to get information about future events and promotions?

About Sonic Drive-in

Troy Smith inaugurated Sonic Drive-In. The day on which it came into existence was June 18, 1953. Its headquarters are in Oklahoma, the U.S. It is an American fast-food restaurant. In 2020, its total earnings were US$4.687 billion.

Along with French fries and hamburgers, Sonic’s menu also offers breakfast toaster sandwiches, onion rings, corn dogs, and chili dogs. Drink choices include soft drinks, slushes, and milkshakes.

The specialty of Sonic Drive-in is that customers have a choice to mix various drinks and flavors and can produce thousand of drink mixtures. They have sundaes and floats in the ice cream category.

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History of Sonic

Troy Noel Smith opened a fast-food restaurant. He opened it in 1953. He understood that there were no drive-in restaurants in America at that particular time. Many people having vehicles who were having vehicles were suffering from problems with parking spaces in jammed cities. In 1959, they rename it Sonic.

They adopted a slogan also. The slogan was ” service with speed of sound”. Currently, they have expanded to over 3500 locations.

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